Lyn Hellegaard

Trusted advocate for YOU!

Montana House District 89

Lyn Hellegaard: Your Conservative Voice for HD 89

Lyn is a proven conservative leader. As a business owner, banker, and city councilperson, she recognizes it’s individuals and businesses – NOT government – that creates vibrant communities and prosperity for our citizens. Support Lyn’s campaign and help her win this race! 

On The Issues

Improving our Economy

Without a doubt reducing regulation and taxes on businesses are proven to improve the local and state economies. Achieving a robust economy would let Montanans achieve the long-held dream of having good paying jobs so our children can stay in Montana rather than seeking jobs in other states.

Tax Policy

Like many of you I have concerns about how your local government uses and abuses Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds and Urban Renewal Districts (URDs). These taxing schemes result in homeowners carrying an ever-increasing tax burden. I believe we need to put restrictions on these schemes and require voter approval for any URD extension.

Election Security

The only way to ensure our individual freedom is with election security. I was part of the Missoula Election Integrity Project which found many anomalies in the Missoula County 2020 elections.


I believe parents should be the primary voice in their child’s education. The draconian mask and remote learning mandates imposed by some tone-deaf school boards proved to be detrimental to our kids learning and mental health. We can and must do better by our kids.